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Generating organisational success

Organisations that want to thrive in the 21st century need to understand the hidden patterns of thinking that drive leaders and teams within their business.

- release organisational potential
- maximise success

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Take Coaching to another level

As a coach, lli gives you the ability to pinpoint your client's strengths and areas for development. lli gives you the whole picture of your client in a way that allows them to take action quickly and easily

Robert Dilts.

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Do you want to be more successful?

Anyone can work with an lli coach. You can find out what drives your behaviour, why you repeat old patterns and what you can do to have more positive outcomes. lli is one of the most important tools you can use to assess your potential for future success.

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Developing tomorrow's Leaders

As we move through the 21st century leaders are being faced with situations never seen before. lli identifies tomorrow's leaders who will thrive through turbulent times.

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lli tool


lli is a new online profiling tool offering a systemic approach to bring about effective and lasting change. It is based on the Logical Levels model created by Robert Dilts.

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lli - a powerful profiling tool for lasting change

lli (logical levels inventory) is a new online profiling tool for:

  • identifying the powerful drivers that shape behaviour
  • assessing leadership capability for the 21st century.

lli is a self-assessment tool that helps people understand what makes them tick and how this affects what they want to achieve in life.

lli is inspired by the Logical Levels Model and Success Factor Modelling. 

Whether you are a small start up business or an international organisation, a parent or a senior executive, work with an accredited lli coach to achieve the future you want.


Interview with Robert Dilts