Core programmes

lli individual

lli Individual: Release potential

Focus one-to-one with key personnel and uncover drivers of behaviour. Change becomes more simple, barriers and limits are easier to overcome and people can achieve their personal best and realise their potential.

lli individual inspires your people to change, develop and perform at their very best, leading to greater engagement and success.


lli leader: Enhance influence & impact

Work specifically with leaders to increase the span of impact of lli, as individuals identify their strengths, congruence, balance and influence. Find out how your leaders measure up against the nine key leadership qualities.

lli leader helps develop the skills, capabilities and thinking patterns essential to lead in the 21st Century. 


lli team: Optimise performance

Help teams unlock issues, manage understanding, discover incongruence and focus on strengths and weaknesses through a logical and creative process. This promotes harmony and balance and leads to enhanced satisfaction, productivity and success.

llteam helps your teams to shine and to fully engage and align with your overall vision – essential to success.