Our clients

lli team, with Saxlund International

Working with the engineering firm's leadership team, the Managing Director was keen to expand, but felt that the rest of his team were more cautious in their approach.

After completing the llprofiling and a team workshop, we identified potential areas of conflict amongst the team, which became more profound under pressure. The time spent exploring these differences, collaborative problem-solving without confrontation or blame, meant they were able to work more closely together, leading to more realistic and competitive new business bids and subsequent growth.
By removing the ‘personal’ aspects of problems and summarising them through profiles, the team were much more open to understand, review and resolve them. This co-operative problem solving is incredibly powerful in breaking through interpersonal issues in a team. It’s even more powerful when working at one of the hidden levels of values, beliefs and identity.
At a leadership level, the MD also reviewed his leadership qualities, and made significant changes to his lifestyle, helping address his work-life balance and avoid burn out.
Two years on, and the company continues to grow from strength to strength.


lli individual, with a regional charity

This project, as often happens, was not clearly defined in advance, but evolved as we worked together and the CEO saw the value of lli.
It started with one talented individual who was not fulfilling her potential and lli was approached to help her shine. Having completed the lli questionnaire, she received six one-to-one coaching sessions. Working at the levels of identity and belief, she identified blocks and blind spots which were impacting particularly on areas of self-doubt and low self-esteem.
Her transformation led to several others being offered lli coaching. These included one manager who believed she couldn’t change (“that’s just who I am”), another who had become disillusioned and was causing difficulties and discontent in her team, and several team members whose issues were causing relationship problems with other teams.
With the support of their lli coach, each individual was able to review, gain insight, understand and change their behaviour, and they remain on course for a brighter future. Not only did the organisation benefit by enhancing and retaining key talent, but each individual felt valued and recognised through the development invested in them.
llhelps drive performance by removing limiting belief, changing behaviour, or where necessary, identifying personalities who simply don't fit the organisation.