lli programmes

lli offers a number of different development programmes to suit individuals, teams, organisations and coaches.

Core programmes

Individuals take the lli questionnaire to generate a personal profile and work with a coach to reveal the hidden beliefs and unconscious patterns driving their behaviour.

Each lli core programme uses the profile in slightly different ways, for different audiences.

Enhanced programmes

The llenhanced programmes are designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation, while retaining the lltool at the heart of all we create.

Our team is highly experienced in designing and delivering bespoke solutions to match your operational and strategic needs. Each tailored programme will reflect unique attributes of your organisation, designed for you and with you.

lli plus programme

The lli plus programmes offer a range of supplementary training and consultancy packages, tailored to your needs.

lli coaches programme

The lli coaches programme outlines how professional, qualified coaches can use llas a powerful tool to enhance their portfolio - helping you work at deeper levels than normal, and therefore helping your clients make truly transformational change.