The latest views from Logical Levels Inventory

Circle in the dark

26 March 2021: Just give me a simple diagram!

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary

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13 February 2021: Exploring 'Centred Leadership'

How can leaders achieve extraordinary results through balance, alignment and congruence?

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Eyes of authenticity

17 December 2020: To be, or not to be, that is the question

By bringing all of your authentic self to the role you have in your business, you will be a better leader...

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Superhero of tomorrow

2 August 2020: Do leaders of today need superhero qualities?

What can todays leaders learn from the attributes of just a few of the Marvel superheroes, particularly in our current times?

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Balancing the soul and ego of your organisation

23 June 2020: Balancing the soul and ego of your organisation

This is the perfect moment for organisations to make the time to consider their purpose and redress their imbalances within.

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Balancing the boat in choppy waters

06 June 2020: Balancing your boat in choppy waters

In our third blog, we invite you to identify and improve your levels of balance in order to support successful and sustainable change. 

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Using better maps to chart the waters

18 May 2020: Using better maps to help you chart the waters

In our second blog, we explore how to use the Logical Levels model to gain clearer focus in these unusual times.


20 April 2020: Helping you navigate through these unchartered waters

Our first blog explores ways in which we can help you as leaders to steer yourself, your teams and your business through the immediate crisis of the COVID-19 global pandemic, and successfully manage change into the foreseeable future.

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