Enhanced programmes

lli talent

lli talent: Nurture high flyers

lli can zoom in to help identify and retain talent and promote high flyers. By modelling your existing talent using the lli tool, you can achieve the optimum organisation, team or leadership balance.

lli talent helps you retain your talent of today and recruit your leaders of tomorrow.


lli inside

lli inside: Build business excellence

Embed lli across the entire organisation to re-engage employees, release hidden potential and drive success. Fully integrate and apply the lli culture into your business through our train the trainer package – meaning you can retain and control your future development.

With lli inside, you can ensure your organisation is fit for future success. 


lli tailor

lli tailor: Customise the tool, just for you

Create a bespoke lli package tailored to fit your vision and values, your leadership core competencies and your existing training programmes.Tailor the key llelements to compliment your language, culture and leadership programmes and support the achievement of your strategy.

 lli tailor offers the perfect fit, reflecting your organisation’s individual qualities – shaped and adapted just for you.