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Leaders need to be successful! Organisations, individuals, stakeholders and personal reputation all depend on it.

lli leader

As we move through the 21st century, leaders are being faced with situations never seen before.

To be successful in the new economy, true leadership is a result of influence, congruence and integrity.

The words 'leading' and 'leadership' come from the old English word 'lithian', meaning 'to go'. Thus leadership is about 'going first' and influencing others as much by one's actions as by one's words.

Great leaders have charisma, which comes from an authentic connection with yourself. lli leader gives you insight into your true self. It also provides practical steps on how to get even greater connection with yourself and become truly charismatic. It is this internal congruence or alignment that works as a powerful agent in moving people from words to action.

Leaders who know who they are, know their calling and walk their talk, will be trusted and will attract motivated followers. 

A key quality of a leader is their ability to share his or her passion, in the form of vision, mission, ambition and role. Personal passion comes from connecting fully with one's self and one's deepest identity and discovering what brings us enthusiasm and energy. 

lli leader identifies tomorrow's leaders who will thrive through turbulent times. 

The lli tool has 

  • leadership at its core - identifying vision, mission, ambition and role
  • measures leadership for congruence and balance
  • measures a leader against nine emerging leadership qualities necessary for leading through uncertainty and change
  • assesses how a leader changes under presssure
  • reveals a leader's ideal self
  • provides insightful and challenging feedback on how to develop.


Working with a personal coach

After completing the online questionnaire, every leader will work with a personal coach to guide them through their personal profile report, and help them create a personalised development plan for success.

Coaching is a well-accepted process for bringing about long-lasting and effective change for individuals, teams and organisations.

You and your coach will build a confidential and supportive relationship and work together to help you reach your full potential and create a more fulfilling life.

lli coaches

  • are fully accredited coaches in their own right
  • have all received extensive training to use lli
  • are carefully chosen to meet your personal development needs.

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