Coach Community

As a qualified lli coach, we invite you to join the lli Coach Community.

The community will enable you to:

  • share your experiences of using llwith your clients
  • learn from others as they use lli with individuals and teams
  • develop and grow your coaching business
  • be part of an active and dynamic learning community
  • access leading-edge thinking from the work of Robert Dilts as he works with us to develop lli.

In becoming an Accredited lli Coach, you have a unique opportunity to shape lli and make it even more effective for you with your coaching clients. 

Join the team!

We are always looking for great coaches, trainers and consultants to join us to help deliver the work we do. These opportunities are discussed during our Coach Workshops. 

“The power of lli is that it unlocks real learning and deep movement in areas you didn’t expect to go into. I simply wasn’t expecting the magnitude.” Sarah, Executive Coach

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