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lli insidelli is not a stand-alone profiling tool. It requires careful unpacking with a qualified lli coach. 

We recognise that not every company wants to bring in external coaches - especially when you have a really good internal team. 


Do you want to be self-sufficient?

With our train the trainer package, we will ensure that your in-house team (be they coaches, trainers or managers), has all the expertise and knowledge they need to provide the coaching support for any one of your employees who takes lli

Our train the trainer package caters for up to 12 people and includes:

  • completion of the lli questionaire for each delegate
  • a one-to-one coaching session with an accredited lli coach for each delegate to unpack their lli profile
  • two day intensive training programme
  • a one day follow up programme
  • ongoing advice and guidance to all your trained coaches
  • licence to use the llsoftware

With lli inside you can ensure you organisation is fit for future success

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