How Logical Levels Inventory works

lli is a simple and easy to use online tool that provides you with some powerful insights into what drives your behaviour and your thoughts.

Based on an online self-assessment questionnaire and working with an accredited coach, it offers you practical steps for making life-long lasting change. 

The core model that sits at the heart of the questionnaire is the proven Logical Levels model, created by Robert Dilts. 

lli is different from the usual personal development programmes

lli breaks the mould, diving deeper to: 

  • identify values and beliefs that shape behaviour
  • uncover blocks and reduce blindspots
  • unveil hidden patterns
  • laser in on areas of conflict
  • create ‘aha’ moments of insight
  • help people understand who they are and why they do what they do. 

Diving deeper still, lli looks at an individual through three unique lenses:

  1. everyday self - offering insight into yourself through a clear lens
  2. under pressure - demonstrating how you respond and change when pressured
  3. idealised self - providing insight into how you would like to be if you were free from the everyday pressures and habits that shape your behaviour.

Finally, lli also explores nine emergent leadership qualities essential for:

  • managing relationships
  • communications
  • and managing resilience in a an evermore demanding world.

In summary

lli results support you to get rid of unhelpful patterns of behaviour and move towards a more successful and fulfilling way of being.

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