3 reasons to join the lli Coach Community

1. lli offers a fresh, new resource to add to your coaching portfolio

lli offers coaches an exciting new profiling tool, which helps you stand out from the crowd in an increasingly busy marketplace.

2. lli dives deeper, creating more profound results

Through lli, you can work at deeper levels than ever before with your clients, quickly kick-starting the conversation and enabling you to get straight to the issues: Helping instigate positive, sustainable change.

3. lli helps you expand your business 

Every client we work with requires a qualified and Accredited lli Coach to unpack and translate their detailed lli Personal Profile report. By joining the llCoach Community, you will have access to new business through individuals, teams and organisations, as lli grows.

Come and join the team!

If you would like to add lli to your professional toolkit of resources to use with your clients, come and take part in our Coach Workshop.

These take place over two days, with a third follow up day after a period of practical experience, giving you access to the online profiling tool, client Personal Profiles and detailed Coach Reports, and the growing lli community.





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