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About Us

lli has been created by three coaches who are passionate about supporting people to change their lives.  The concept for the tool was inspired by a Success Factor Modelling course run by Robert and John Dilts.  The tool has taken several years to develop and is now delivered to you as an online product with the support of an accredited lli coach.

The core founders are Hilary Barnett, Phil Manington and Robert Dilts.  It is our aim to work with like minded indiviuals to create a network of coaches, trainers and consultants who share our vision and our way of working

Our vision is that:

  • every person has respect and compassion for others, and seeks to create a sustainable society that cares about the well-being of current and future generations.
  • the value of organisations is measured by their contribution to society and development of their employees, as well as their financial results.
  • individuals have heightened conscious awareness and, as a result, feel more alive and are able to express themselves freely and authentically.

We want to help to release the potential, energy and passion within organisations and our aim is to:

  • help people improve their self-awareness through understanding more about what influences how they behave as they do
  • provide a tool that gives coaches more information and insight about their clients
  • identify key aspects of a person’s preferred style and highlight where changes might improve their success in any area of life, whether that is current job, career, relationships or health

We trust you gain considerably from using the tool and working with one of our qualified coaches 

With best wishes

Hilary, Phil and Robert