Personal profile

When you complete lli you receive a personal profile which provides a wealth of information for further exploration with an experienced logical levels coach.

Your personal profile

The lltool measures you at each level of the Logical Levels model, resulting in a graphic representation of your scores, with a written description of how people with similar patterns tend to operate in the world.

We include twelve dimensions from the extended Logical Levels model - two for each level of the model. Each dimension describes how we orientate ourselves at each level - and from this your Personal Profile is created.

 lli also assesses each profile through three lenses:

  1. everyday self – offering insight into yourself 
  2. under pressure – demonstrating how you respond and change when in a pressurised situation
  3. idealised self – insights into how you would like to be if free from the everyday pressures and habits that shape your behaviour.

Finally, lli focuses on nine essential qualities associated with leadership.

These include maintaining a sense of balance and presence, being able to deal with uncertainty and a capacity to detect weak signals. These qualities make the difference between being good and being the best.

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