Extended model

The Logical Levels model has continued to be developed and enriched over the years and has formed the basis of many recent Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) processes and techniques.

The latest, extended version of the model has a word pairing at each level of the model.

These word pairings are called the dimensions and the lli tool identifies an individual’s orientation at each level - creating 12 developed patterns of thinking.

Extended Logical Levels model

The model is divided, looking at the left-hand side which is associated with the 'soul' and the right-hand side which is associated with the 'ego'.

In the context of this model 'ego' relates to survival, self- benefit, ambition and control. The 'soul' in this model relates to awakening, service, contribution and connection.

lli identifies an individual's level of balance and congruence at each of the dimensions and between the ego and the soul distinctions.

Neither is right or wrong - it is useful to know your preferences, recognise how they change under pressure and in your idealised self, and understand how you can change.

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