lli is not a stand-alone tool.


Completing the online tool generates the in-depth Personal Profile, which is then unpacked and translated with the support of an experienced and qualified logical levels coach.

They can be from your in-house team, or sourced from our growing associate network.


One-to-one or team coaching

Coaches work one-to-one with individuals or with teams, focusing on key points of leverage highlighted in the Personal Profile.

So people can: 

  • understand the motivation behind behaviour and the underlying patterns that drive relationships
  • explore and challenge issues, beliefs and assumptions
  • turn awareness into action
  • unlock their true potential
  • produce a plan for effective change.

With teams, the focus is on strengths and weaknesses of relationships within teams – promoting harmony, balance and congruence. This leads to enhanced satisfaction, productivity and success.

Every organisation is different and we aim to tailor the level, style and scope of coaching to meet your specific needs. 

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