Soul and ego

The Extended Logical Levels model takes into account the motivations arising from the two complimentary aspects of our reality:

  • those emerging from our existence as a separate, independent being (which we typically call our ego)
  • and those arising from our existence as part of a larger whole e.g. family, business, community (which typically we call our soul). 

A fundamental premise within llis that both these aspects, ego and soul, are necessary for a healthy and successful existence.


The primary questions relating to our ego are about what we want to achieve for ourselves in terms of our ambition and role:

  • What type of life do I want to create for myself?
  • What type of person do I need to be in order to achieve this?

These are about living out our dreams for ourselves. In lli, the ego accentuates ambition and role, the importance of permission, intellectual intelligence, and appropriate reactions to constraints and potential dangers in our environment. 


The primary questions with respect to soul are those related to our vision and mission for the larger systems of which we are a part:

  • What do I want to create in the world through me that is beyond me?
  • What is my unique contribution to making that vision a reality? 

Within lli, the soul puts priority on vision, mission, inner motivation and activating the energy and emotional intelligence needed to proactively take advantage of the environmental opportunties.

Finding balance and congruence

Research with Success Factor Modelling indicates the highest levels of performance in an indiviudal, team or organisation occur when the logical levels relating to ego and soul are balanced, aligned and integrated. 

Success is not just about creating value for shareholders, it is about creating value for all 'stakeholders', including those that do not exist yet. 

Clarifying and aligning vision, mission, ambition and role are an essential part of achieving this balance and integration. These are the foundation of a successful entrepreneurial mindset and form the basis for projects and ventures undertaken by entrepreneurs.

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