Become an Accredited lli Coach

Why choose lli?

There are many benefits to becoming an Accredited lli Coach, from standing out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive marketplace, to accessing new business and increasing your coaching opportunities.

1. Expand your professional toolkit

lli is an exciting new profiling tool to add to your coaching portfolio, relevant to new and experienced coaches alike.

Based on the proven Logical Levels model and backed by its founder and leader in NLP, Robert Dilts, lli is powerful, intelligent and provocative. It is the first profiling tool of its kind, unlocking the power of the Logical Levels model.

“lli keeps challenging your thinking, but with clarity and simplicity. There’s a lifetime of rich content to work with – so many opportunities to start the right conversation – and it fits naturally into any coaching style.” Naomi, Executive Coach

2. Dive deeper with your clients

Diving deeper than other personal development and change tools, lli enables you to work with your clients to help them understand who they are and why they do what they do.

By uncovering hidden patterns, identifying values and beliefs that shape behaviour, you can work with your client to create 'aha' moments of insight that lead to change.

“lli unlocked the door. It cut through everything, kick-starting the conversation and
enabling me to get straight to the issues.” Sally, Executive Coach

3. Expand your business opportunities

Because every client's lli personal profile needs to be 'unpacked and translated' with the support of an accredited lli coach, we want you to join us!

Accredited lli Coaches will help us maintain the high standard of assessment and feedback, leading to truly transformational change. Change for good.

In addition to individuals undertaking lli, the growing number of organisations who want to use lli for their people - individuals, leaders and teams - can use our trained lli Coaches, or train their own personnel through a programme which we call lli inside

Download the lli Coach Brochure

Download the Coach Brochure 2020

Come and join the lli Coaching Community!

As lli grows, you will be an intrinsic part of a unique, dynamic and supportive Coaching Community.

In summary, become an Accredited lli Coach, and you will be:

  • fully accredited to use lli with your own clients
  • introduced to new clients - individuals, teams and organisations - helping you expand your own business
  • part of the growing interactive lli Coaching Community.


Coach accreditation

Anyone wishing to use the lli tool must be trained and accredited through our Coach Workshop.

To be eligible to become an Accredited lli Coach, you will need to have one of the following:

  • achieved an ICF Associate Credentialed Coach (ACC) designation or higher
  • achieved a professional coaching credential with the EMCC, AC or WABC
  • have completed 60 hours of coach specific training with a recognised coaching education provider. 

Please note, no prior knowledge of NLP is required. 


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