26 March 2021: Please, just give me a simple diagram!

As a trainer and facilitator for many years, I’m a simple kind of girl!

I think pretty much any situation can be scaled down to one of these. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I fell in love with the logical levels model. Who can resist a simple triangle split into six levels?

lli Logical Levels Inventory pyramid


My go-to model

Over the past thirty years, I’ve introduced the logical levels model into pretty much all of my training design. It remains my go-to model to help break down complex processes of change – be that whether I’m coaching an organisation, a team or an individual.
I’ve been developing the ‘lli profiling tool’ which is based on the logical levels model for almost half of that thirty years - creating, testing, refining and yet more testing. lli (Logical Levels Inventory) is now out there in the world and we have coaches across the UK and in Australia accredited to use it with their clients.
The tool is full of simple graphs and tables which interpret the data that's been entered. It doesn't create a static label, but instead provides incredibly rich data, ‘diving deep’ into what makes us tick. We have witnessed many clients make significant and sustainable change from the insights delivered by their lli personal report together with their coach who guides them through it.
And yet sometimes I notice that, in all of the richness of data that lli provides, occasionally the simple little triangle that is the logical levels can get lost! 


Stick to the basics

By mapping out any problem or challenge - no matter how complex or knotty - across those six simple levels, you can gain clarity to thinking and logic; you can find space to identify at which level or levels you really need to focus on your issue.
It's like taking a ball of tangled wool and unravelling it until all the strands are separated. You can now see what you are dealing with - and that's the launch pad for working out where you want to go next.


Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary

And that is so true of the logical levels.
I am profoundly grateful for Robert Dilts for creating this model and for Ian McDermott, my trainer in NLP, for introducing it to me all those years ago.
So, why not take a moment to learn more about this extraordinary triangle, the logical levels, and dive a little deeper into lli, which helps unlock its magic?
Explore the Logical Levels
Until next time, please stay safe and well
Hilary Barnett, co-founder and coach, Logical Levels Inventory (lli)


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