Phil Manington, Co-Founder and Coach

Phil is an innovative and creative trainer, coach and management consultant, specialising in helping businesses and individuals to make successful change. 

His background includes over 20 years’ experience as a line manager in a number of UK businesses.  During this period, these businesses have been involved in the most dramatic and fundamental organisational and cultural changes in their history.  Phil has been heavily involved in managing such changes and helping people to adapt and cope with the pressures they have brought.

Phil uses his experience of managing business change in combination with his own personal development to create inspirational programmes that have a twin objective: to help businesses to be more successful and to help individuals within those businesses to maximise their personal potential.

Phil has a lifelong passion to improve the quality of life for everyone and currently offers training, consulting assignments and one-to-one coaching for personal and business clients.  Specialist areas include leadership skills, building self-confidence and self-esteem, emotional intelligence and improving relationships.

Phil has a degree in mathematics and a Ph.D. in Operational Research. He is also an NLP master practitioner and often works with other coaches to help them develop and grow.  His approach is simultaneously creative, challenging and supportive and enables his clients to make life-changing transformations.


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