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Working with a Coach

Coaching is the process of helping people to make improvements in their abilities and behaviours and thus move towards their full potential. It involves:

  • drawing out people's strengths
  • helping them overcome personal barriers and limits in order to achieve their personal best 
  • facilitating them to function more effectively as members of their family or team

Working with a coach is a great way to bring about sustainable change and for individuals to develop new strategies for thinking and acting. Unlike counselling or therapy, which seeks to resolve past issues, coaching helps an individual move from their present state to their desired state in an efficient and effective way. 

lli is a powerful resource to support coaches and individuals to:

  • create generative change
  • identify goals
  • reveal internal drivers
  • uncover potential interference
  • provide high quality feedback
  • design effective plans for making sustainable change

lli qualified coaches help you effectively achieve outcomes on a range of levels:

  • behaviours - what you say and do
  • capabilities - the skills and knowledge you have
  • beliefs and values - the opinions, views and assumptions you hold
  • identity - who you think you are.

They work to bring about generative change, concentrating on strengthening identity and values and bringing dreams and goals into reality.

Only lli accredited coaches can work with the tool. 

Interview with Robert Dilts