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Using the lli for Self Development

There are many ways we can continue to develop ourselves. For example, we can

  • do new things (a hobby, reading, walking, a different job etc)
  • learn a new skill (French, skiing, playing a musical instrument)
  • find out more about ourselves (strengths, weaknesses etc)
  • uncover more of our underlying traits and personality

If we learn more about 'what makes us tick', we then have a choice about what to do next; we can do nothing or we can be curious about it. Being curious opens up the possibility of becoming more of who we want to be.

Using tools to support development

There are many tools available today to support us in finding out more about ourselves. Some, such as the Myers Briggs type indicator, have been around for many years and are widely used and recognised in the self-development field. Self-assessment tools provide us with an opportunity to look at ourselves based on proven models, many of which have a psychometric basis. Being able to look at ourselves from a different perspective often gives us invaluable insight into who we are.

The model behind lli

The lli is built on the logical levels model. This model comes from the world of NLP and was created by Robert Dilts in the 1970's. For more information on the model please click here.

This is a simple model that breaks down the way that people think about themselves, their experiences and their world in a structured and accurate way which is also highly intuitive and easy to understand.  

Who would use the lli ?

We believe everyone would gain from having a greater understanding of themselves. Here are just a few examples of when you may want to use the lli:

  • you are working with a coach and want to get behind what drives your behaviour
  • you are a leader and want to know more about your capability
  • you want to become a leader
  • you are struggling to change aspects of your behaviour that until now have refused to budge
  • you want to develop

To use lli all you have to do is create an account and complete the questionnaire and we will automatically assign you a coach who will work with you to ensure you gain maximum benefit from your feedback report and the momentum to change. All our coaches are accredited to use lli.