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Organisations and lli

Gallup's 2012 report pooled research from 192 companies and found that companies in the top quartile for 'engaged employees' have 22% higher profitability than those in the bottom quartile.  They also have 10% higher customer ratings, 28% less theft and 48% fewer safety incidents. The case for better engagement is irrefutable.  

We know that it is trite to say that 'an organisation's most important asset is their people' - but it's true. They determine your reputation as a business and public perception of your products.  They also control whether you become an attractor of the talent you need, both now and for the future. And yet we know that as few as a third of employees say they are engaged at work. 

So, given that we know how important our people are to our business and that we know that if they are engaged they and the business benefit, why are there still so many poor scores for engagement?

We believe engagement needs to happen at six different but integrated levels. Employees will be fully engaged when:

  • The vision of the business is clearly communicated and employees have a strong sense of connection with that vision
  • They have a current role and can see future roles that fits with their sense of self
  • Their personal values fit with the organisational values and beliefs
  • They are able to use and develop their skills and knowledge
  • There are opportunities to do what they do best every day
  • They work in a modern, humane and enjoyable work space 

lli enables you to identify with great accuracy at which levels the individual and/or the organisation needs to change to build engagement. This ensures that valuable time and money is focussed on specific investments to rectify any lack of engagement. The benefits of getting it right are plentiful, including greater productivity and retention of your all-important talent.

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