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lli tool

lli is a simple and easy to use tool that provides you with some powerful insights into what drives your behaviour and your thoughts. Based on a self-assessment questionnaire and working with an accredited coach, it offers you practical steps for making life-long lasting change. lli results support you to get rid of unhelpful patterns of behaviour and move towards a more successful and fulfilling way of being.

lli can be used by individuals, organisations and coaches. 


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In one comprehensive report find:

  • your logical levels profile
  • your leadership qualities
  • how you change under pressure
  • how you can bring more balance to your life
Our lli profiles provided an objective assessment and a common language that allowed everyone to be open and challenging without becoming critical and/or defensive. The result was that personal and team action plans were quickly agreed and put on the Executive agenda for monitoring of progress.

MD of an Engineering Company SE England


Working with a coach

Work with an lli qualified coach who will:

  • ask you insightful questions
  • challenge your beliefs and assumptions
  • help you produce a plan for effective change
We work with you to ensure you gain maximum benefit from this insightful and in-depth tool. All lli coaches have a powerful understanding of the models that create the tool and help you uncover patterns of behaviour and thought that support you or hold you back in the changes you want to make; be they personal or work related. The combination of tool and coach ensures you quickly identify and work on issues and areas that give you great leverage for change.

from an lli accredited coach


Interview with Robert Dilts