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Leadership in organisations

One of the most important set of skills required in a changing world are the skills of leadership. In the emerging view of leadership in the new economy, leaders are not 'bosses' or 'commanders'; rather leaders are people committed to 'creating a world in which people want to belong'. Rather than 'power'; true leadership is a result of influence, congruence and integrity.  It involves managing relationships and interacting and communicating within an organisation, network or social system to move towards a vision of a rewarding future. From this perspective leadership can be definedas the capability to 'express a vision, influence others to achieve results , encourage team cooperation and be an example

The importance of leaders in organsation today

As we move through the 21st Century leaders are being faced with siuations never seen before. This calls for a change in leadership.

'Leadership' is often contrasted with management. Management is typically defined as 'getting things done through others'. In comparison, leadership is defined as, 'getting others to want to do things'. Management is usually associated with improving productivity, establishing order and making things runs smoothly. Leadership is required in times of turbulance, social transformation and change.

In fact the words 'leading' and 'leadership' come from the Old English word 'lithan' meaning 'to go'.  Thus leadership is about 'going first' and influencing others as much by one's actions as by one's words.  

Leadership and lli

A leader's internal congruence or alignment is a powerful agent in moving people from words to action.  Leaders who know who they are, know their 'calling' and walk their talk, will be trusted and will attract motivated followers.

This leadership quality, called by a variety of names including self -confidence, personal presence, gravitas and charisma is the behavioural manifestation of deep internal processes. The lli tool measures these.  

Leadership development and growth is greatly enhanced  through attaining personal alignment. The lli tool, based on the system of logical levels, is an exquisit tool to achieve this. 

The lli tool has

  • leadership at its core
  • measures a leader for congruence and balance
  • measures a leader against nine emergent leadership qualiites found in most leadership frameworks
  • assesses how a leader changes under pressure
  • reveals a leaders ideal self
  • provides insighful and challenging feedback on how to develop the skills and capabilities essential to manage the inner and outer game

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