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Leadership Success

Leaders need to be successful - organisations, individuals and personal reputation depend on it. Great leaders have charisma - the Greek word 'charism' means 'your gift'. This comes from an authentic connection with yourself. lli gives you insight into your true self and provides practical steps on what you can do to get an even greater connection and become truly charismatic.

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9 Leadership Qualities

The unprecedented change at the beginning of this century is calling for a change in business and in the leadership of those businesses. To be successful in the new economy, true leadership is a result of influence, congruence and integrity.

lli explores nine emergent leadership qualities essential for managing relationships and interacting and communicating within an organisation.

Take lli and determine your level of congruence across all nine qualities.



Leadership and lli

Take the lli tool and find out:

  • your strengths as a leader
  • your congruence and level of balance 
  • how you measure against nine emergent leadership qualities
  • how you change under pressure
  • how you would like to be 
  • how to develop the skills and capabilities essential to lead in the 21st century


Interview with Robert Dilts