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A simple way to bring more success into your life

lli is aimed at helping you be successful, whatever success is for you. A major benefit of lli is that it quickly and easily gives you information to enable you to change. So whether you want to increase your self confidence, lose weight, develop your career or improve your personal relationships lli is a powerful tool to use.


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Created with the individual in mind

As coaches, people usually come to us because they have tried to make changes in their lives but keep repeating the same patterns of behaviour that keep them stuck. This leads to frustration and unhappiness and can result in them giving up.

This has led us to create lli and you can benefit from the many years of research incorporated within it. With lli you uncover the drivers of your behaviour and it is through understanding these that change becomes so much easier.  

lli is perfect if you want to: 

  • develop your career
  • lose weight
  • improve personal relationships
  • increase your self confidence
  • understand yourself better
  • be a better parent
  • give up smoking

Taking lli

Taking lli is very simple. Once you have decided to take lli , a coach will be assigned to you.

All of our coaches are highly experienced professionals who are trained to the highest level in the use of this tool. They will skillfully and carefully take you through your feedback report to ensure you gain maximum benefit and momentum to change.


Take our online questionnaire and work with a personal coach to guide you through your report and help you create a personalised plan for success


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