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Being successful yesterday and today is no longer good enough.

lli is a dynamic and insightful tool for working with organisations – looking at leadership, management, culture and teams. lli identifies the critical success factors that make organisations successful and – equally important – what leads to failure. With lli you can ensure your organisation is fit for future success.


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lli – an integral part of your business

Helping you be more successful with

  • talent management
  • leadership development
  • organisational design
  • employee engagement
  • change and crisis
  • coaching
  • team development

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Building Leadership Success

lli gives you a comprehensive profile of the leaders in your organisation. It can tell you:

  • who are your high potential leaders
  • the strengths and development needs of your leaders
  • if your leaders are survivors or visionaries
  • which leadership qualities are missing
  • the level of balance and alignment across your leadership team

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