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Coaches lli workshop

This 2 day workshop run by the founders Phil and Hilary, provides you with a deep understanding of the tool and the underlying model together with the skills and the knowledge to use lli with individuals and teams. Completion of this workshop to the required standard will gain you the lli qualification. lli accreditation will ensure you can deliver feedback on your client's lli reports with ease and confidence.

Course content:

  • the extended logical levels model
  • the 9 qualities of leadership
  • balance and alignment with lli
  • how to interpret the lli report
  • lli as a coaching tool with individuals and organisations
  • the deep insights that lli reveals
  • how to build lli into your coaching practice

Course benefits:

  • add a powerful profiling tool to help your clients make transformational change
  • network with other coaches
  • gain more exposure to a wider client base 
  • develop business opportunities


To be eligible, you need to have one of the following:

  • You have achieved an ICF Associate Credentialed Coach (ACC) designation or higher
  • You have achieved a professional coaching credential with the EMCC, AC, or WABC
  • You have completed 60 hours of coach specific training with a recognised coaching education provider.

Note: No prior knowledge of NLP is required.